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Who we are

We are those who are concerned for the well-being of others, in particular, orphans and those who are struggling. We are the hearts that palpitate when a child is deprived of love and care, when a family wonders how they can sustain without basic necessities in life, when even “hope” is considered a luxury. Kareema Care believes in Generosity and Care as two crucial components in touching people's lives. We are Your opportunity to materialize your goodness, care, compassion and kindness by joining us to help others and to make it a reality.


To empower orphans and those in need to reach their full potential by means of love, hope, faith and monetary aid. We strive to serve as a source of light to brighten the days of orphans and those in need during their darkest hour.


The relief of poverty, sickness, distress and suffering of any person who is in need irrespective of their nationality, race, ethnic origin and religious beliefs is what our humanitarian organization is founded upon.

Children should not be deprived of the support they need after loss of their parent(s) at a young age. Offering emotional and monetary support to orphans will help fill the void in their lives so that they can become productive and successful members of society. Kareema Care believes that all children deserve to be loved and taken care of while being close to their family.  We take pride in being part of their journey towards success by identifying sustainable solutions on a case by case basis.  Kareema Care seeks to ensure that orphans and those in need become self-sufficient and empowered with the proper tools and resources that are key for their development and growth in order to become productive and successful members of society.

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